St. Peter Lutheran Church
2929 F.M 972 (at F.M. 1105)
Walburg, Texas 78626

Office: (512) 863-5600
Worship Services - each Sunday 10:15 a.m.
Holy Communion - 1st & 3rd Sundays

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Last Updated:
Aug. 26, 2018


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Notice of 2017 Bylaw Updates and Proposed Constitution Changes

During the October 15, 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting, St. Peter Voting Members approved (on first vote) several proposed changes to the 2013 St. Peter LCMC Constitution. These Constitution revisions must be approved again, without change, on second (final) reading at our 2018 Annual Congregation Meeting. The 2018 meeting will ask the single question: Does the Congregation approve the changes initially approved in October 2017?  Click the COMPARISON link above to see those changes.

In addition, during the 2017 Annual Meeting, St. Peter Voting Members approved several modifications to the Bylaws. Bylaw changes are effective immediately upon approval at a scheduled Congregation Meeting. These Bylaw revisions are now incorporated into the APPROVED Constitution.

Additional Note: The Bylaws reference the Building Use Guidelines and Wedding Guidelines. These documents are available at the following links:

Draft Constitution Oct 2017 Constitution Current

Click to review the
Approved 2013 St. Peter LCMC Constitution with 2017 Bylaw Updates


St. Peter Wedding Guidelines

Building Use 2017

St. Peter Building Use Rules and Request Form

Click to compare the 2017 Draft Changes to the St. Peter
Constitution with the 2013 Approved Constitution